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Iron Fist

Unit Cuff Title, reads Götz von Berlichingen

Iron Fist

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This is not a complete list of Medals and Awards one can earn. All other Medals and Awards will be reviewed by the commanding officer and his 2nd in command.

General Assault Badge

General Assault Badge:

Bronze automatic after 6 battles

Wound Badge

Wound Badge:

Black: 2 injuries
Silver: 7 injuries
Gold: 10 injuries
(Wounds must be inflicted by the enemy in battle, or due to the enemies carelessness, or may be awarded as seen fit by the commander.)

Close Combat Clasp

Close Combat Clasp:

Bronze: after 15 battles
Silver: after 30 battles

Tank Destruct Badge

Tank Destruct Badge:

1 kill of an enemy tank only. (Must be done with a hand grenade, Panzerfaust, or other hand held weapon. Must be witnessed by at least two unit members, or by the Allied admission.) NO motorcycle targets!!!!

Iron Cross

Iron Cross:

2nd Class: For activities above and beyond the call of duty

1st Class: Awarded for leadership as seen fit by the commander

1939 Clasp to the Iron Cross

1939 Clasp to the Iron Cross:

Automatic to members over the age of 40 who hold the Iron Cross 2nd Class.

Driver's Badge:

Bronze: 2 battles
Silver: 10 battles
Gold: 10 battles

Awarded for driving a four or more wheeled or tracked vehicle during the duration of a battle.

War Merit Cross

War Merit Cross:

2nd w/o swords: Recruiting at least 2 new members from a Military show
2nd with swords: Recruiting 1 new member from an Allied Unit
1st w/o swords: Recruiting 1 new member from an Axis Unit
1st with swords: Recruiting at least 5 new members

(All recruits must stay in the unit for one year or 3 battles for the award to be awarded.)

German Cross

German Cross:

Silver: 45 battles
Gold: 70 battles

Honor Clasp

Honor Clasp:

An act of bravery must be witnessed by the unit C/O or the second in command.

(You must already have the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class)

Old Fighters Chevron

Old Fighters Chevron:

Automatic to members over the age of 40.